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What is TheWeddingMile.com?

TheWeddingMile.com is an online marketplace for buyers and sellers of original, handcrafted, custom made goods for the wedding and bridal market. We provide a virtual storefront for sellers to list their goods, take custom orders, and promote their craft. Buyers can browse and purchase products, communicate with sellers, request custom made items, and find true inspiration for their wedding day!


Who is TheWeddingMile.com?

TheWeddingMile.com was founded by entrepreneur Lee Stein of New Jersey, and comprises a staff and a board of fellow mompreneurs, marketplace sellers, online marketing experts, wedding experts, as well as our technical, legal and finance consultants. 


Why weddings?

Because they're special. Because every last detail means something. Because it reflects who you are, your style, your taste, and your passion. If you think about it, a marriage is a lot like a business. You are entering into a partnership that is not only legally binding, but one that reflects shared goals and requires work in order to succeed in the long run. In this way, our sellers are dedicated to helping you create what you want for your special day.


Why are you called TheWeddingMile?

We love the "Mile" in WeddingMile because it can represent so many different things. For some of us it represents an artisan's row...the kind you find when you visit a fair and street block after street block is lined with colorful creative booths, displaying all sorts of wonderful craft items. For others it represents the timeline between engagement and wedding...planning, sorting, buying, and driving each other crazy (in a good way) with details!



How do I become a Seller?

It's easy to become a seller on TheWeddingMile.com! If you are a talented and creative artisan who believes in quality, customer service, and investing in the promotion of your craft, then this is the site for you! Simply click here to register, follow the instructions, and you'll be on your way.


What are the requirements for becoming a seller?


We do require that our sellers create their own original handcrafted goods and that you are able, to the extent that you can, customize your items to buyer requests. In your store, right next to your item descriptions, is an area for you to describe the various ways in which you can tailor your items to suit a buyer's needs, and we also encourage you to upload images reflecting these options. We recognize that there are limited ways in which one item can be altered, so we encourage you to simply itemize these options on your product page, encourage buyers to ask questions, and communicate with them in an honest and straightforward manner.


We understand that the term "handmade" has many different definitions and interpretations. See here for our Handmade guidelines if you are unsure as to whether or not your items can be considered handmade.


We do prohibit certain items from being sold on TheWeddingMile.com. Please click here for a comprehensive list of those items.



Can I sell food or other edible products on TheWeddingMile.com?


You certainly can! As long as you are able to customize your products in some way, you can sell edibles under our Edibles and Gourmet category. Please click here to see our Edibles guidelines.


What does it cost to be a seller?


There are no monthly subscription fees and there are no listing fees! Upon completion of a sale, funds are alloted to sellers immediately and The Wedding Mile takes a 6% commission of the total sale (not including shipping and handling fees). You do not pay if you do not sell! You can cancel your subscription at any time.



How am I billed?


Upon completion of checkout, sales are immediately submitted to your respective payment processors who will deposit payment into your accounts. At checkout, The Wedding Mile assesses a 6% fee of the total sale. What you receive is your final sales total minus the 6% fee.



What do I get for listing on The Wedding Mile?


You get a marketplace exclusively devoted to wedding and bridal! We know that our success ties directly in to your success. That's why we are providing you with all the tools you need to succeed! Our site has the most up to date search engine optimization programming in order to keep us on top of relevant searches and we also provide you with our own proprietary training materials to get you up and running. Your store comes with email marketing integration, multiple payment options, and comprehensive reporting and analytics tools. Your store also comes with complete social media integration, including a Facebook store application and Share buttons for all major social media websites! And, yes, we have an import/export tool for the listings you have on other sites! For a more detailed list of what your subscription here offers, please visit our Seller page here


Can I open up multiple stores?


Yes you can! You will need to register your new store with a new username and password, but you will be able to manage both from the same admin dashboard.


Can I sell my products on other sites as well?


You may sell your items on other websites, but when a buyer inquires with you on our site, commissions you on our site, or makes a purchase on The Wedding Mile, your sales transaction must be completed on our site. TheWeddingMile.com enables you to set up a fully functional, user friendly, and highly optimized online store front on a site that specializes in products for the Wedding and Bridal market. We also offer educational materials to help get you ramped up and skilled in the art of sales, customer service, search engine optimization, social media, photography, and more! We encourage you to drive buyers to our site so that they can experience a complete wedding shopping experience with you and your fellow sellers.   


How do I cancel my store?


We'll be very sorry to see you go, but if you want to cancel your store all you need to do is go to your Admin area and click on the Cancel Store button in your Billing tab. Please be aware that cancelling your store (versus putting it in Vacation mode) will remove it from our database. If you would like to open up a store in the future, you will have to re-upload your products, images, and descriptions again.


How do I change my account information?


You simply log in to your account and use the menu links to navigate to the pages you want to edit. Change the information you want and  be sure to click the Save Changes button when you're done.


How do I ensure getting paid for items I have custom created for a buyer?


A transaction is not complete until a buyer has paid you for your product, so please do not ship your product until the buyer has completed the payment process and you are properly notified that funds have been received. With respect to customizing your items, or when a buyer has asked you to make a certain quantity from scratch, it is customary to accept a "good-faith" downpayment for your services so that your investment in time and materials is partially covered. It is up to you to decide how much to request as a downpayment, but typically one third to one half of the total cost is standard. We encourage you to communicate often with your seller, and to upload preliminary images for their approval before completing the entire project. With their approval, you can proceed to complete the project with confidence, knowing they have agreed to your terms and your rendition of the customized product.

*Please note that if you accept partial payment for an order, you MUST complete the other portion of your sale on The Wedding mile site. To complete this sale off site or on another site is a violation of our terms of service and can result in the cancellation of your store and selling privileges.  





What is the best way to search for items I want on your site?


There are a number of ways to search for items on TheWeddingMile.com. To start we suggest clicking into the categories that best suit your needs. Once you are in a category page, you can use the search box to enter key words that reflect the types of items you are looking for. You can also use our enhanced search page to search by color, style, price range, category, or keyword. 



Can I ask any seller to customize an item for me?


Sellers on TheWeddingMile.com welcome the opportunity to customize their products to meet your needs! Product pages include descriptions, details and images of the different ways in which particular products can be changed. If you see an item you like, but would like some tweaks or changes made to it, we encourage you to contact the seller with any questions you may have.


If I order a product with customization, am I required to pay for those changes up front?


Each seller should have his or her store policies clearly outlined for you. It is not uncommon for a seller to require a deposit since customizing a product often requires an investment of their time as well as new materials. A deposit is also a good-faith indication that you are serious about the purchase of this product and intend to complete the transaction once you have approved its completion.


How does your Wedding Registry work?


Like most online wedding registries, you simply sign up with your name and address information (for shipping and verification purposes) and we will provide you with a unique page link to give your friends and family in order to view your 'wish list.' When you add an item to your registry, the seller is notified so that he or she can do their best to ensure the product remains available for purchase. You can view a sample wedding registry here on our Sign Up page.


What if I add something to my Wedding Registry but I would like it customized?


When you wish-list an item, you can add comments to your selection to let friends and family know exactly what you would like. Be sure to ask the seller first if the particular customization you want is available.


Do I have to register with TheWeddingMile.com or create an account in order to shop?


Guest checkout (no registration) is available to those who do not wish to create an account. To create a wedding registry or to "like" an item, we do require that you register an account.


I submitted a customization request to a seller, but I haven't heard back. What should I do?


We encourage all Sellers to respond to inquiries in a timely manner. While TheWeddingMile.com provides a venue for artisans to sell their wares, Sellers operate their stores independently and can choose how or when they wish to communicate with Buyers. If you have not heard back from a seller, we encourage you to check the seller's store message (located under the store banner) to make sure the seller is not on vacation. You may also use our Contact form to request that we try to contact the seller on your behalf.


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